Doctors and property scams- how to avoid them

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It is no secret that many Doctors have a love affair with property. There are some very simple reasons for this: property is perceived to be safer than shares, doctors can easily borrow money for property, and property investment offers many tax deductions. Yet, there is also such a thing as a bad property investment, and I have seen many … Read More

Doctors And The 2016 Budget: What You Need To Know

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Whilst the media are labelling the Federal Budget as a win for high income earners, I believe the exact opposite is true, with superannuation the hardest hit in terms of strategy options. In this article, I will highlight the main issues for Doctors and the 2016 Budget. Superannuation down and out? There is no doubt that superannuation is becoming less … Read More

Tax deductions for doctors

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Medical professionals typically have a high level of work-related tax expenses, so it is important to keep accurate records throughout the year, to ensure you can claim all your allowable deductions when lodging your tax return. In order for an expense to qualify as a deduction, there must be a causal nexus between the outgoing or loss and expected assessable … Read More