Wealth creation for Doctors: don’t be complacent about it.

Yves Schoof

Wealth creation for doctors is a sensitive topic. We all agree they “should focus on helping people”. Yet, what if you, as a Doctor, are worried about the complexity of your financial life? That’s why I believe gaining clarity and control in the field of your financial life is important and essential to be a good Doctor. In this podcast, … Read More

Professional Advisers and how to choose them wisely

Yves Schoof

Professional Advisers are very important to you as a Doctor. Simply because you have more important things to think about when you are helping patients. In this episode of our financial advice podcast “Money Talk”, we interview Yves Schoof about making those important choices with regards to your advisers. Not just your key financial adviser, but also your accountant, lawyer, … Read More

Wealth creation for doctors: how to gain control?

Yves Schoof

Wealth Creation for doctors and wealth creation in general are big buzz words. But how do you gain and maintain control over the process? In this podcast, control is the keyword for an interview with Financial Adviser Yves Schoof. Financial advice for doctors is his passion and he is interviewed by journalist Kris Borgraeve. Wealth Creation for Doctors: Where to … Read More

Compounding and how to use it to your benefit

Yves Schoof Audio Podcast

Compounding. How does it work and what are the benefits? Why does it matter for Doctors? Audio podcast with Yves Schoof, Financial Adviser. Compounding: Making time do the hard work for you What is the mechanic behind compounding when you invest as a Doctor? And how can you make the best use of it when you plan your wealth strategy? … Read More