Business planning for the private practice: Case study with Dr Schierle in Chicago

Yves Schoof Audio Podcast

Business planning for your private practice has been the topic of many of our conversations here on the podcast. This time we’re checking out one of the leaders in this field. Dr Clark Schierle in Chicago operates Northwesternplastics, and our reporter Kris Borgraeve asked him about the vision he has and applies, when it’s about proper business planning for his … Read More

Business Planning For Doctors 7- Business Plan for Health Practices

Yves Schoof Audio Podcast

A business plan for Health Practices isn’t something you quickly jot down on the back of an envelope. It’s the result of serious reflection and inspection, when you are getting serious about taking your Private Practice to the next level. Whether that’s launching it, or growing it into a multi-clinic entity, you will benefit from creating clarity. On their journey, … Read More

Business Planning For Doctors 6 – Financial Management

Yves Schoof Audio Podcast

Financial management for your health practice is key when you want peace-of-mind, and when your focus is to take care of your patients. That’s why we have dedicated Episode 6 in our series of audio podcasts to this important topic. The context of the series is Business Planning for Doctors, and we are interviewing Financial Adviser Yves Schoof. His passion … Read More

Business Planning For Doctors 5 – Business Development

Yves Schoof Audio Podcast

Business Development is just another word for…planning your future. How do you look at the growth and evolution of your Private Practice? This is the topic in Episode 5 of our audio podcast series. Kris Borgraeve interviews Financial Adviser Yves Schoof, and the series guides you through the process of creating a draft business plan for your medical practice. Yves … Read More

Business Planning For Doctors 4 – Medical Marketing

Yves Schoof Audio Podcast

Medical Marketing is a sensitive topic. Unlike the traditional methods used to promote hamburgers or cars, communication about our health is all about credibility, ethics, and very sensitive topics around various conditions and illnesses. So it makes sense that you don’t trust just any type of advertising to reach out to potential new patients. In this series of 7 audio … Read More

Business Planning For Doctors 3 – Health Practice Management

Yves Schoof Audio Podcast

Health practice management is a universe on its own. In Episode 3 of our audio podcast series (Business Planning for the Private Practice) we cover this very important aspect of your business: your Operations Plan. This is all about the daily health practice management in your business. We started episode 1 with an overview of what you should consider when … Read More

Business Planning For Doctors 2 – The SWOT Analysis

Yves Schoof Audio Podcast

Business planning for Doctors is the topic of this 7-episode-series of audio podcasts here on Money Talks at Affluence Private. Business advice for doctors is what we specialise in, and this series is relevant if you run or are planning to run your own private practice. We started episode 1 with an overview of what you should consider when getting … Read More

Professional Advisers and how to choose them wisely

Yves Schoof

Professional Advisers are very important to you as a Doctor. Simply because you have more important things to think about when you are helping patients. In this episode of our financial advice podcast “Money Talk”, we interview Yves Schoof about making those important choices with regards to your advisers. Not just your key financial adviser, but also your accountant, lawyer, … Read More

Compounding and how to use it to your benefit

Yves Schoof Audio Podcast

Compounding. How does it work and what are the benefits? Why does it matter for Doctors? Audio podcast with Yves Schoof, Financial Adviser. Compounding: Making time do the hard work for you What is the mechanic behind compounding when you invest as a Doctor? And how can you make the best use of it when you plan your wealth strategy? … Read More