Joel Curtis – Talking Sports Psychology

Yves Schoof Audio Podcast

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In this episode we talk to Joel Curtis, a sports and performance psychologist. We talk about the similarities between sport and business, how to balance the demands of everyday life, how you can learn to perform under pressure and finally why doctors and other health professionals suffer from higher levels of stress and burn-out. I hope you enjoy it.

Talking Business and Medicine with Todd Cameron

Yves Schoof Audio Podcast

In this episode of the Affluence Healthcare Podcast we talk to Todd Cameron, a well-respected GP with over 20 years experience, and director of Zenitas Healthcare. He shares his journey and talks about the strategic business decisions he made along the way.

Dr Jonathan Ramachenderan – The Healthy GP

Yves Schoof Audio Podcast

In this episode of the Affluence Private Healthcare podcast, we talk to the wonderful Dr Jonathan Ramachenderan. He shares his thoughts about finding balance in life as a doctor, how to handle money and teach your children about the value of money. I am sure you will find this episode as enjoyable as I did. Please like and share and … Read More

Finance for Doctors (5): Get good advice

Yves Schoof Audio Podcast

Get good advice before you set up your private practice It’s a cliche but this is one of the situations where you do want to get good advice before you embark on the journey. In our series of 5 episodes we talk about finance for doctors and the importance of creating the right foundation. Today Mike Deegan talks about linking … Read More

Finance for Doctors (4): When to review your finance?

Yves Schoof Audio Podcast

When to review your finance and loan structure? The question when to review your finance solution is not an easy one. That’s why we invited finance broker Mike Deegan in our podcast studio, to share some of his knowledge and to tap into his experience setting up finance solutions for doctors, who launch their own private practice. How often do … Read More

Finance for Doctors (3): What makes finance for doctors special?

Yves Schoof Audio Podcast

Finance for doctors. About benefits and pitfalls Finance for doctors is a special topic we cover in this series of podcasts, with Mike Deegan. How do you go about organising Finance to set up a private practice? What are the obstacles and pitfalls to look out for? And how do you balance out what the lenders tell you…and what is … Read More

Finance for Doctors (1): What’s the role of the Finance Broker?

Kris Borgraeve Audio Podcast

Finance for Doctors Finance for doctors is the topic of this series of 5 episodes on the Money Talk Podcast. In the next 5 episodes we will be covering various aspects of Finance for Doctors, and more specifically if you are planning to set up or expand your private practice. There are a number of specific pitfalls and best practices … Read More