Doctors, dentists and other healthcare professionals.

We understand your circumstances and your business and give you clarity, confidence and control.

What you’re after:

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    You are a Doctor or a Dentist. You typically run a private practice or have a desire to do so.

  • 02

    You earn a good income but pay a lot of tax. You may be stressed about cash flow and debts.

  • 03

    You are time-poor. Your priorities are:

    • controlling your cash flow;
    • reducing home loan debt;
    • minimising tax; and
    • building wealth.

  • 04

    You would like to work with a Specialist Adviser who understands your profession, and can manage all of your financial affairs.

Dr. Garrie Rao, Diamond Smiles Dental

As specialist financial planners for doctors and dentists we understand your issues: big tax bills, large mortgages, cash flow pressures. Working with us will give you a sense of relief and control.Yves Schoof

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