Private Practice Planning – A New Resource For You

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We have established a new Facebook Medical and Dental Private Practice Group, to share our insights and experience in a protected environment, free from any sales pressures. You will be able to share thoughts, experiences and ideas or ask for feedback in a supportive peer-based environment. We would like to extend an invitation to all doctors and dentists looking to … Read More

Your Financial Future – What Really Matters

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Want to know what really matters when thinking about your financial future? The following 2 points should be your priorities. 1. Holistic planning Many people believe their financial future will be dictated their investment returns. If only we could beat the market, find that one small cap that delivers a twenty-fold return. But what about the rest of your financial … Read More

Your Most Important Investment Decision

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If you believe that timing the share market or picking the right shares are your most important investment decision, you are mistaken. Instead, your asset allocation, or how you construct your portfolio has by far the biggest impact on your portfolio performance. Studies dating back as far as 1986 highlight that asset allocation explains on average more than 90% of … Read More

How Doctors And Dentists Can Budget Effectively

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In this video from the Medico CFO course I explain how you can budget more effectively: – we discuss how apps can help you micro-manage your expenses – we also discuss how setting goals can assist with streamlining and structuring your cash flow

3 Tangible Benefits of Financial Advice For Doctors And Dentists

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If you were still wondering how you could benefit from seeking financial advice, you may be interested in this infographic. This is based on feedback from our clients. If you would like to discuss your personal finances, please contact me on 08 9381 2704 or email

Why Your Savings Rate Matters More Than Returns

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I came across this excellent article recently, which reinforced the thoughts I have expressed in previous blogs. To save you some time, here is the summary: • On your wealth creation journey, the first $100,000 often takes the longest to accumulate. Each subsequent $100,000 takes less and less time to accumulate. • The amount you save matters more than your … Read More

Why You Should Seek Advice In 2019

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Are you still considering seeking financial advice? Here are 4 good reasons why you shouldn’t delay any longer. Feel free to contact me directly via for an obligation-free strategy session.

Money Mistakes Made By Young Medical Professionals

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In this podcast episode we discuss some of the most common financial mistakes made by young doctors and dentists. It is so important to get off to a good financial start early in your career, so I am sure you will enjoy this episode.