How To Resuscitate Your Finances After Covid-19

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Many doctors’ and dentists’ finances will be hit hard by the Covid-19 Crisis, so I wanted to share some simple tips on how to get back on track. Mortgages You may have deferred your mortgage and are now facing an even bigger mountain of debt. With interest rates at unimaginable lows, now is the time to start chipping away at … Read More

Your Money And COVID-19

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I wanted to reach out and provide some key insights in terms of how you can manage your money in these times of crisis, where many doctors and dentists are experiencing severe financial pressures and stress. Please stay safe and contact me personally if you are experiencing some stress around your finances. 0432 885 295 or  

Financial Health Check for Doctors and Dentists

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With the fallout from the COVID-19 crisis taking its toll on our finances, now would be a good time to take stock and assess what areas of our finances we need to address once the dust finally settles.   To help you with this process, I have developed a free financial health check, tailored to doctors and dentists.   You … Read More

Medical And Dental Practice COVID-19 Continuation. Plan

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My business partner Mitchell Walmsley from Affluence Chartered Accountants has prepared a comprehensive survival guide for medical and dental practices. You can Download it here: Medical and Dental Practice COVID-19 Continuation Plan

Financial Advice For Doctors And Dentists via Zoom?

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If you are in need of financial advice and want to work with a specialist medical financial adviser, but are not based in Perth, no problem. For years we have been working with clients all over Australia, including regional Western Australia, Melbourne, Adelaide, Brisbane, Cairns, Newcastle, etc. We use technology like Zoom, Skype, FaceTime and our entire process can be … Read More

How Doctors/Dentists Can Manage Money In this Crisis

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This week I had I had the pleasure of being interviewed by Dr Andrew Fah, from the Medical Money website. We talked about how you can manage your cash flow in this crisis, and also about the investment principles that will serve you well going forward. You can listen to the episodes HERE

Free Recorded Investment Webinar

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Given the share market turmoil, brought on by the COVID-19 crisis, I thought it was timely to provide some further investment education. I have recorded a webinar on the main investment principles, options and strategies for healthcare professionals. Some of you may think it is a great time to start investing, so I am sure you will find value in … Read More

Free Financial Counselling For Doctors And Dentists

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Australia’s healthcare sector is under a lot of stress, just like any other part of our economy. For the first time ever possibly, you may feel worried about your practice, your income. My clients are telling me that the one thing they are grateful for right now, is that they do not have to worry about their finances, knowing that … Read More