Case Study – Private Office Service For Medical Specialists

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In this podcast episode we have a look at our highest service level, and how this benefits busy Medical Specialists. If you are interested in exploring this for yourself, please contact me personally on 0432 885 295 or

Kickstart Your Finances – Free Offer

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Over the next 4 weeks I am offering 10 free ‘Kickstart Your Finances’ sessions. The process includes: –       A 30 minute digital consult to discuss your most pressing financial issues; –       An analysis of the 8 most important financial areas (including Tax Planning, Finance, Cash Flow) and how you score; –       A personalised Money Dashboard highlighting the areas you should action. If you … Read More

Purchasing A Dental Practice – Financial Planning Case Study

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Steve had seen my profile online and came to see me to help him build a property portfolio. He had already invested in two properties, and believed this was the best strategy to build wealth quickly. However, as I have seen with many other clients, this strategy has a lot of flaws. Unfortunately, it is still heavily recommended by prominent … Read More

Two Critical Investment Truths For Doctors And Dentists

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Investing and wealth creation can be really simple and yet very efficient and successful. However, many doctors and dentists, and their advisers in particular, complicate matters with no real benefit, and think too short-term. Here is an excellent article that highlights the benefits of long-term investment thinking: Lessons from the Market If you don’t have time to read it, here … Read More

Is Property (Still) The Holy Grail For Doctors And Dentists?

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It is no secret that doctors and dentists have a love affair with property. However, all too often property investment and negative gearing is seen as the holy grail of wealth creation, and aggressively promoted by various medical accounting and financial planning groups. My belief is that there is a tremendous amount of risk involved with pursuing this single strategy. … Read More

Should Doctors And Dentists Focus More On Saving ?

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Doctors and dentists typically have long careers, but doctors in particular start working later than most people, and as result also start building wealth later in life. This can lead to a situation where insufficient wealth is accumulated early in life, missing out on valuable compounding benefits, which makes it harder to accumulate sufficient retirement savings. A possible solution for … Read More