Money Mistakes Made By Young Medical Professionals

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In this podcast episode we discuss some of the most common financial mistakes made by young doctors and dentists. It is so important to get off to a good financial start early in your career, so I am sure you will enjoy this episode.  

Do You Want To Get 2019 Off To A Good Start?

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We have capacity for only 3 more client relationships before Christmas. If you wanted to make the most of 2019 and get off to a great financial start, then contact me today for a complimentary initial consultation. Email or call 0432 885 295   Here is what a few of our clients had to say this year: Yves has a … Read More

Gearing for doctors and dentists – an introduction

Yves SchoofInvestments

In this series of 3 podcasts we will discuss the ins and outs of gearing, not only in property, but also in shares and managed funds. In this first episode we discuss the main characteristics of gearing, including the advantages and disadvantages. I hope you enjoy it.  

The 4 Biggest Financial Mistakes Made By Doctors And Dentists

Yves SchoofFinance

It is an unfortunate fact that as a doctor or dentist you may find it hard to accumulate the wealth you deserve throughout your career. As a result, you may be forced to continue working for longer than you had hoped, or compromise on your lifestyle in retirement.   Financial Hurdles Indeed, despite your high income you may face a … Read More

Why Doctors And Dentists Need To Keep It Simple

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One of our key rules when it comes to organising our clients’ financial affairs is: KEEP IT SIMPLE. There is no need to create even more complexity, as doctors and dentists typically already have complex lives. More complexity means extra costs and extra time commitments. More reliance on external advisers. Self managed super funds are the perfect example of extra … Read More