Free Investment Video Course

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Given the recent turmoil in investment markets, I thought it would be a good time to provide you with some additional insights and information in relation to investment fundamentals. You can also access a free ebook on this topic on this page. The link to the video course is here. I hope you find value in it.

What Are Australian Doctors’ Principal Goals?

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Every year Macquarie conducts a survey of general practitioners and medical specialists across Australia, in partnership with the Business For Doctors network. One of the key findings of the most recent report (Macquarie Healthcare business pulse check) was that 71% of respondents listed achieving financial security as the primary or secondary personal goal. Equally important was growing personal wealth at a combined … Read More

What Is Your Number One Life Goal?

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More than three-quarters of Australians (77 per cent) say financial security is among their top goals, according to new research by Credit Card Compare, but many want more help in figuring out how to achieve it. And two-thirds said they would feel happier if they were better at planning for their financial future. It is no wonder then that our … Read More

Free Debt Management and Finance Resources

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Following on from our blog post last week, where we discussed the need to review your loans in the current changing lending landscape, we wanted to offer you some free resources on this topic. – A video course on finance and debt management – An ebook on the same topic, filled with tips and strategies We hope you enjoy it! … Read More

Why Doctors And Dentists Should Review Their Loans Now

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Have you recently reviewed your home or investment property loans with a specialist? If not, then now is a good time to get started. The two recent Reserve Bank interest rate cuts have definitely shaken up the mortgage playing field, and you may be paying too much for your loans. You should find a specialist finance broker and independently review … Read More

4 Simple Steps To Financial Security

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We often get asked by our young medical and dental clients what they should be doing to work towards their financial security. Typically, the following 4 simple strategies form an integral part of their plan: 1) Ensure you can pay off your home mortgage in approximately 10 years. Having too much non-deductible debt presents a tremendous opportunity cost. 2) Focus … Read More

How Does Your Wealth Compare To The Average Australian?

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(Image source – read the full article HERE) I thought you might find this information interesting, as most people like to get an idea of how their wealth compares to other people. The Australian Bureau of Statistics released its Survey of Income and Housing 2017/18 recently, and it gives people a snapshot of the assets and debts of Australians. … Read More

Asset Protection For Doctors And Dentists – Video Series

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Asset protection is a common and legitimate concern for many doctors and dentists. In this very digestible video mini-series I cover the most important aspects of asset protection and how to achieve it. Click HERE to watch. P.S. Whenever you are ready, here are 4 ways I can help you optimise your finances: 1) Grab a free ebook HERE or … Read More

Recognition For Our Client Servicing And Goals Based Focus

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Affluence Private Wealth is proud to announce that our Principal, Yves Schoof, has been shortlisted as a finalist for two ifa Excellence Awards categories in 2019, in the categories of Client Servicing Individual of the Year and Goals-Based Adviser of the Year. Yves continually strives to offer the very best in financial advice and client services, and these awards are … Read More

Why Doctors And Dentists Should Put Their Finances On Auto-Pilot

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Let’s face it, as a doctor or dentist you do not have the time to actively manage your finances. Even with the best intentions, you will fail to follow through after a while, if your money management requires active intervention and implementation. That is why for our clients, we set up automatic ongoing debt repayment and savings/investment plans. This could … Read More