3 ways doctors can build wealth and also save tax

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The number one frustration is undoubtedly that you pay too much tax. In fact, most doctors would pay 49% tax on the majority of their income. Whilst smart tax planning is essential to keep your fair share of your earnings, all too often people make financial decisions on the sole basis of a tax deduction. This can lead to costly … Read More

Why doctors need to keep their financial affairs simple…or outsource them

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Most medical specialists and surgeons have very little spare time, and any time not spent on generating income has a very high opportunity cost. Your time is best allocated to working on your practice and seeing patients. To save time, it therefore makes a lot of sense to streamline your finances and avoid complexity where possible. However, in many circumstances, … Read More

Is Super still so super?

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Many people have a love-hate relationship with superannuation. So it is worth considering whether super should still be a major focus of your wealth accumulation strategies. Let’s explore some of the advantages and disadvantages of superannuation. Advantages – Superannuation forces you to take a long-term investment view, as the funds cannot be accessed until you reach preservation age. This helps … Read More

How to beat the share market jitters

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It has been an interesting couple of weeks on the share market again. Headlines such as ‘Bloodbath on the share market’ or ‘Billions wiped off the ASX’ don’t do investors any favours. If anything, they create anxiety and stress where it is not warranted. Yes, share market losses affect nearly everyone, by virtue of being invested in superannuation funds. However, … Read More

What does it take to achieve your financial goals?

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There are 4 main stages where we help you get closer to the achievement of your goals. Dream In the first two meetings, we will help you establish your personal values, and encourage you to dream. Most people have never taken the time to fully discover what is important to them, which often makes this an eye-opening and revealing exercise. … Read More

Superannuation and art – end of the love affair?

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Many of my clients (in particular medical professionals) are keen art collectors. Until a few years ago, self managed super funds were the investment vehicle of choice to invest in art. However, with the July 2016 deadline looming, many SMSF investors have started to dispose of their art and collectibles. The new rules apply to all new SMSF investments purchased … Read More

What you need to know about investing?

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Understanding what you invest in A good way to minimise your risk is to only invest in what you understand. All too often people get carried away by flashy brochures and slick sales people who sell ‘exotic’ or ‘guaranteed high return’ investments. Yet, if you stick to what you know and understand, you can potentially avoid a lot of bad … Read More

Why set financial goals?

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We all have ideas about what type of experiences we would like to have or things we would like to own. However, a goal is much more specific – you have decided what you want or want to achieve, when you want it, as well as how much it will cost you to get it, because after all, everything has … Read More

Why budgeting is so important

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What is budgeting? Budgeting basically means looking at your income and expenses and deciding how much money you are going to spend, what you will spend it on, and how much you will actually save. Creating a budget is viewed to be a painful exercise by most people, which is why they never get around to it. And even when … Read More