Disruptive trends in healthcare

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In a previous article (click HERE) I commented on how doctors can turn disruption into opportunity. In this week’s article I wanted to share some other interesting insights I found on current disruptive trends in healthcare. Below is a summary of the information that is available on the PWC Healthcare Website. I would encourage you to watch the 5 minute … Read More

The future of medicine: how doctors can turn disruption into opportunity in 2016

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The start of a new year is the ideal time for some reflection, and to ask ourselves: What is the future of medicine in 2016? There is no doubt that medicine is facing many different disruptional forces: cuts in healthcare budgets, uncertainty regarding employment, competitive forces, technology, a ‘power’ shift towards the patient… However, while some doctors might feel overwhelmed … Read More

Doctors and property investment: how much is too much?

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Many doctors have a preference for investing in property. It is not hard to see why: – property is tangible and easily understood; – property investment offers a lot of tax deductions; and – property investment can easily be borrowed for (particularly by doctors). While quality property is generally a great addition to an investment portfolio, it makes perfect sense … Read More

Asset protection for doctors

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asset protection for doctors

Many doctors are concerned about losing everything they have worked for through a claim being made against them. In this article I would like to explain what asset protection for doctors entails and how you can achieve it. What is asset protection for doctors and what are some of the risks? Asset protection means protecting your house and other assets … Read More

Estate planning for doctors

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Wills for doctors

Estate planning for doctors is often more complicated than for the general population, due to a range of specific issues. In this article I want to highlight what doctors need to consider when preparing their estate plan. Multiple entities Medical professionals often have multiple personal entities (trusts, companies, SMSFs, etc.) and business structures (service trusts, etc.), set up for tax … Read More

5 Important legal documents for doctors in private practice

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Doctors, particularly those in Private Practice face complexity in their life, which often includes various legal matters. Unfortunately, many medical specialists fail to seek professional legal advice to protect themselves. In this article I want to highlight a few critical legal documents that most medical professionals in Private Practice will require or should seriously consider. Employment contract Based on my … Read More

Doctors and debt: the good, the bad and the ugly

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Many doctors have an enduring love-hate relationship with debt. You may start of as a recently graduated intern with a mountain of student debt. Whilst you are paying this off, you may also get a car loan and then a mortgage. Next on your list is an investment property, for which you borrow close to 100% as well. And it … Read More

Doctors and investment: 5 principles you need to know

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To accumulate wealth and achieve financial freedom, you need to invest. However, many doctors make costly investment mistakes, because they have never been taught the fundamentals. In this article I want to provide you with some valuable learnings and tips. Investing versus speculating Many people believe they are investing when in reality they are speculating. In simple terms: investors have … Read More

How can doctors save tax and pay off their mortgage faster?

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doctors save tax

In a previous article, we have already established that the main frustration for many doctors is paying too much tax. We also highlighted 3 strategies to build wealth and save tax. You can read this article by clicking HERE. However, there is one additional strategy that can help doctors save tax and also pay off their mortgage faster. It involves … Read More