Free Financial Education For Doctors And Dentists

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Our online video course, Medico CFO, is now available completely free. It has over 100 videos covering financial tips and strategies for medical and dental professionals. Please note that same rates and thresholds might be out of date, so you should always seek personal financial and tax advice. You can access the first chapter HERE I hope you enjoy it. … Read More

Buying a Medical/Dental Practice Vs Starting One

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In this week’s infographic we explore the considerations you need to make when deciding whether to start or buy a practice. Both Mitchell Walmsley from Affluence Chartered Accountants as myself have a wealth of practical experience in assisting our medical and dental clients with these projects. Please contact us if you would like to discuss.

4 Signs When Doctors and Dentists Should Seek Advice

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Doctors and dentists seek our advice for many reasons, but typically one of the following underlying factors is at play:   The ultimate stakes of your financial decision are high Making the wrong decision will have a significant impact on your life and the lives of those important to you. You simply cannot afford to get it wrong. These decisions … Read More

Selling Your Healthcare Practice – How To Plan For The Proceeds

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We have been assisting various medical clients following the sale of their medical practice, often involving multiple millions of dollars. Below I have outlined the considerations that we go through in developing a personalised plan.   Debt repayment It makes sense to repay non-deductible debt (such as your home mortgage),as this provides a risk-free return that is quite attractive on … Read More

How Doctors And Dentists Can Manage Their Cash Flow Better

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Cash flow pressures are the number one reason doctors and dentists seek our advice How can you start to take control of your cash flow and change this dynamic? Find out in this podcast episode. P.S. Whenever you are ready, here are 4 ways I can help you optimise your finances: 1) Grab a free ebook here or let me … Read More

What Women Want – When It Comes To Money

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Based on the Fidelity International-CoreLogic 2019 research report, women in general identify with the following 5 financial goals: 1. Pay off the mortgage Women over 35 want to finish paying off their mortgage. Women who have financial goals rated paying off the mortgage 8.7 out of 10 in importance.   2. Understand and contribute to superannuation Many women are unaware … Read More

What Are The Risks Of Not Getting Financial Advice?

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We always talk about the benefits of seeking financial advice for doctors or dentists, but what about some of the risks you may be exposed to when not getting quality financial advice? Learn more in this podcast episode. P.S. Whenever you are ready, here are 4 ways I can help you optimise your finances: 1) Grab a free ebook here … Read More

Financial Considerations For Doctors and Dentists

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It is not always easy to explain what we do, so I thought it would be useful to list all the advice areas we cover, as well as all the considerations we make when managing our client’s financial affairs. You will notice that we go through a comprehensive list of issues. P.S. Whenever you are ready, here are 4 ways … Read More