Estate Planning for Doctors And Dentists

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Estate planning is the process whereby you typically create a Will, Power of Attorney and Power of Guardianship document. Whilst many of us do not want to think about death, it is inevitable of course. Organising your affairs will save your loved ones a lot of time and unnecessary expenses. In this series of videos I explain the different types … Read More

Should You Take Time Off Work To Manages Your Finances?

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This was the premise of a news article I recently read. The idea is that you take regular time off work to actively manage your money, find the best deals, monitor your investments, etc. Whilst on the surface this may seem like a good idea for most people, for doctors and dentists there is tremendous opportunity cost (i.e. lost income … Read More

Insurance For Doctors And Dentists

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One of the main questions we get from young doctors and dentists is how to best protect their family, and how to achieve this in a cost-effective way. With so many different personal insurance products on the market and variables to choose from, how do you best organise this? Well, you should of course always seek professional advice, but I … Read More

Investment Ideas For Children

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This article outlines some investment options for children. We have found investment bonds to be quite effective and popular for our clients, due to their tax efficiencies and also wide range of investment options. As always, you should seek tax and personal financial advice before making any investment decisions. P.S. Whenever you are ready, here are 4 ways I can … Read More

Useful Resources When Buying Or Starting Your Practice

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In this week’s post I wanted to share with you some valuable resources on starting our purchasing your medical/dental practice. My business partner Mitchell Walmsley at Affluence Chartered Accountants has an interesting blog with many useful tips for doctors and dentists in private practice. You can read more HERE. I trust you will find value in it. P.S. Whenever you … Read More

Property Videos

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Given that property is such a popular investment for many doctors and dentists, I put together a series of videos on various property-related topics, such as: – what to look for in a property – using a buyer’s agent – etc. You can see the videos HERE I hope you find value in it.

Groundhog Day – A Debt Warning For Doctors And Dentists

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I frequently talk about this topic, but I only do it because it has such a big impact on the lives of many doctors and dentists. The main reason for financial stress with so many doctors and dentists is the quantum of the debt they have. Every time I meet with them, it feels a bit like Groundhog Day. It … Read More