Free Recorded Investment Webinar

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Given the share market turmoil, brought on by the COVID-19 crisis, I thought it was timely to provide some further investment education. I have recorded a webinar on the main investment principles, options and strategies for healthcare professionals. Some of you may think it is a great time to start investing, so I am sure you will find value in … Read More

Free Financial Counselling For Doctors And Dentists

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Australia’s healthcare sector is under a lot of stress, just like any other part of our economy. For the first time ever possibly, you may feel worried about your practice, your income. My clients are telling me that the one thing they are grateful for right now, is that they do not have to worry about their finances, knowing that … Read More

How To Manage the Financial Impacts Of COVID-19

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As the world is heading into lockdown, many of you might be concerned about the financial implications for you and your family, your practice. So how should you react to this unprecedented event?   Do not panic Do not give in to your fears, because that is when we make irrational decisions. Financial decisions should always be made from logic, … Read More

No Time To Panic

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As fear continues to affect supermarket supplies and also share markets around the world, it is important to remain calm. Knee-jerk reactions such as selling your investments or moving to cash may do more harm done good, and timing the market is incredibly hard if not impossible. We are likely to see unusual volatility for a while in the markets, … Read More

The 7 Finance Tips Every Doctor and Dentist Needs To Know

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For this weeks’ article I got my inspiration from the Humble Dollar blog. I have condensed the ideas and tips with some comments of my own. I hope you find value in it.   Don’t overextend yourself financially when buying a home, or it will determine the rest of your life. As a guideline, make sure you can pay off … Read More

How Doctors and Dentists Can Optimise Super In 2020

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The start of a new year is always a good time to review your super. After all, very likely it will form the cornerstone of your retirement income. Below I have provided some useful resources you may wish to consider. 2 very simple, yet incredibly powerful ways to boost your super Superannuation video course Why doctors and dentists should not … Read More

Financial workshops for Doctors and Dentists

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Over the next few weeks we will again be organising some exclusive workshops on various financial topics affecting doctors and dentists. Seats are strictly limited. You can find some more details, as well as register via this Link We hope to see you there! Yves