How To Reduce Investment Risk (But Not Necessarily Returns)

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Investing always involves a degree of risk. However, not every risk is worth taking, as it may go unrewarded or deliver lower than expected returns. Diversification in general reduces uncompensated risk related to individual shares and sectors. Diversification not only provides portfolio protection, it can also enhance long term returns. The below article explores this concept in more detail. Good … Read More

A Guide To Managing Financial Anxiety

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Finances are one of the biggest sources of stress in Australia. Whether it’s worrying about making ends meet or planning for the future, anxiety around money can be a huge burden and can affect the quality of your work, life and relationships. And trust me, financial stress does not solely affect low income earners. Many high income earners experience financial … Read More

Why You Pay Too Much

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Sure, when people find out you are a doctor or a dentist, they may add a ‘white coat tax’ to your quote, which also happens with certain post codes of course. The assumption is that you must be making good money, so you can afford to pay more! However, more often than not, it is our own psyche or procrastination … Read More

A Reality Check For Your Super

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Most people have no idea about how much they need in super for a comfortable retirement. The below article will give you some insight into what the average person/couple would need for a comfortable retirement. Super article   However, based on my experience in working with doctors and dentists, I believe you will need a lot more than what is … Read More

Time Is Money – Take It Slow

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Many of us feel as if we are running at 100 miles per hour every day. We often feel compelled to make important decisions under pressure. But when it comes to investing (and so many other things in life), the wiser option is to slow down, value our time and exercise patience. I have listed two articles below that look … Read More

Are We In A Share Market Bubble?

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A strong start for equity markets in 2021 has people talking about asset bubbles forming. Some observers point to price-to-earnings ratios at levels last seen during the dotcom era of the late ‘90s. So what’s an investor to do? Some are tempted to time the market—get out for a while and get back in later or put off investing till … Read More

Should You Get Into Cryptocurrency

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With all the talk about bitcoin and other cryptocurrency, I thought it would be useful to share some objective articles, so you can gain some further insights. I hope it is valuable for you. Should bitcoin be in your portfolio? Cryptocurrencies and ICOs Cryptocurrency – how it works and how you can invest    

By Letting It Go, It Gets Done

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Many people believe that a successful investment strategy requires active management and constant changing of their portfolio. However, unlike many other areas in our lives, investment is one area where constant tinkering is not well correlated with success. Instead, financial science says you are best to direct your investment efforts to things you can control such as: Your own savings … Read More

Are You Investing Or Gambling?

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It seems that everyone has now jumped on the ‘investment’ bandwagon. It has never been easier to open a trading account with low fees, and trade shares or ETFs all over the world. The popularity of ETF’s in particular keep rising and there has been a proliferation of different investment products. BUT…the question you have to ask yourself is, are … Read More

Do You Still Need To Organise Income Protection?

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Following the changes to income protection policies in March 2020, there will be even more sweeping changes later this year. In response to concerns about the sustainability of the income protection insurance industry, Australia’s prudential regulator, APRA, is set to mandate further regulatory changes from October 2021, that will have a major impact on professionals seeking income protection cover. The … Read More