A Reality Check For Your Super

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Most people have no idea about how much they need in super for a comfortable retirement. The below article will give you some insight into what the average person/couple would need for a comfortable retirement. Super article   However, based on my experience in working with doctors and dentists, I believe you will need a lot more than what is … Read More

Why Doctors And Dentists Should Not Ignore Super

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The start of a new financial year is a good time to review your superannuation arrangements:   Do you still have multiple funds and pay multiple fees?   Is your fund expensive in terms of fees?   How is your money invested?   What is the performance like?   Should you be contributing extra?     The trap for many … Read More

SMSF Borrowing Still Alive And Well For Doctors And Dentists

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Despite a withdrawal of many lenders from the SMSF lending market, we have seen a high number of transactions in this area with our clients recently. All of them involved the purchase/transfer of medical and dental rooms. For doctors and dentists, very generous lending products still exist, if you work with the right medical finance specialist. At Affluence we have … Read More

Why Doctors and Dentists Can’t Ignore Super

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Despite what you may think, superannuation will still form the cornerstone of your retirement. That is, if you give the attention it deserves. There have been various media reports recently (including this Four Corners report), highlighting the flaws and issues of the current system. In addition to those, I wanted highlight a few critical issues relating to doctors and dentists … Read More

2 Powerful Ways To Optimise Your Super

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Superannuation will always be the cornerstone of every medical professional’s retirement plan. Yet, we often see very costly mistakes being made in the area of superannuation. There are two main areas I want to focus on: 1) If you have multiple superannuation accounts you will probably be paying too much in fees. 2) Is your super investment strategy in line … Read More

Are SMSFs Costing Doctors Money?

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Self Managed Super Funds are very popular among medical professionals, and it is often a popular conversation topic. But are they really that great, or should doctors be considering regular superannuation funds? Let’s look at a few considerations. The time factor Doctors don’t have a lot of spare time, and most doctors I meet with certainly don’t want to spend … Read More

Doctors And Superannuation Changes From 1 July

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As you may well know, there will be some sweeping changes to the superannuation legislation from 1 July 2017. In this infographic we have summarised the main changes as they affect doctors. It is important you seek personal financial advice to make sure you are making the most of the opportunities, and don’t break any rules, as there may be … Read More

3 Smart Ways Doctors Can Optimise Their Super

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As a doctor you will typically accumulate a significant amount of super given that your income is quite high in comparison to the general public. However, many (young) doctors ignore their superannuation and lose precious time and money in the process. Hence, in order to optimise your superannuation, you may need to consider the following strategies and actions. Consolidate multiple … Read More