What About Inflation?

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You would need to be living under a rock, if you haven’t heard the word ‘inflation’ about 100 times per day in the last couple of weeks. Financial authorities around the world are fighting to keep the rising cost of living under control, all the while the general public is coming to grips with the fact that their dollars are … Read More

High Volatility/Anxiety

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 Share markets across the globe have exhibited high volatility over the last couple of weeks, leading to negative returns for some indices. Inflation is rearing its head in the US and also Australia (pointing to the prospect of higher interest rates), oil prices are escalating and there is the threat of war in Ukraine  – these have all weighed on … Read More

Why You Pay Too Much

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Sure, when people find out you are a doctor or a dentist, they may add a ‘white coat tax’ to your quote, which also happens with certain post codes of course. The assumption is that you must be making good money, so you can afford to pay more! However, more often than not, it is our own psyche or procrastination … Read More

A Reality Check For Your Super

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Most people have no idea about how much they need in super for a comfortable retirement. The below article will give you some insight into what the average person/couple would need for a comfortable retirement. Super article   However, based on my experience in working with doctors and dentists, I believe you will need a lot more than what is … Read More

Time Is Money – Take It Slow

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Many of us feel as if we are running at 100 miles per hour every day. We often feel compelled to make important decisions under pressure. But when it comes to investing (and so many other things in life), the wiser option is to slow down, value our time and exercise patience. I have listed two articles below that look … Read More

How To Have A Better Chance Of Achieving Your Goals

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The start of a New Year provides is the traditional time for us to review our lives and set new goals for our health, finances, jobs and relationships. But unfortunately these big resolutions, made with the best of intentions, don’t always work out. Why is that? One problem, say psychologists, is we often overlook the importance of mindset. Instead of … Read More

Your Financial Priorities For 2021

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Happy new year first of all, and welcome back to my weekly blog. I thought this would be a good time to consider what your financial priorities should be for the year ahead. Please find below a non-exhaustive list for you to consider. Cash flow Can you earn a higher income? Perhaps you can position yourself for career progression, and … Read More

Investing For Doctors – Part 5 – Asset Allocation

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Many people make ad hoc investment decisions and buy the flavour of the day, rather than considering their overall asset allocation, even though this particular decision will influence more than 90% of your long term returns. You can learn more here: