Useful Resources When Buying Or Starting Your Practice

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In this week’s post I wanted to share with you some valuable resources on starting our purchasing your medical/dental practice. My business partner Mitchell Walmsley at Affluence Chartered Accountants has an interesting blog with many useful tips for doctors and dentists in private practice. You can read more HERE. I trust you will find value in it. P.S. Whenever you … Read More

Selling Your Healthcare Practice – How To Plan For The Proceeds

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We have been assisting various medical clients following the sale of their medical practice, often involving multiple millions of dollars. Below I have outlined the considerations that we go through in developing a personalised plan.   Debt repayment It makes sense to repay non-deductible debt (such as your home mortgage),as this provides a risk-free return that is quite attractive on … Read More

SMSF Borrowing Still Alive And Well For Doctors And Dentists

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Despite a withdrawal of many lenders from the SMSF lending market, we have seen a high number of transactions in this area with our clients recently. All of them involved the purchase/transfer of medical and dental rooms. For doctors and dentists, very generous lending products still exist, if you work with the right medical finance specialist. At Affluence we have … Read More

5 Tips To A More Profitable Year For Your Practice

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In this week’s infographic Mitchell shares 5 tips to be more deliberate in maximising the profit in your practice. Many medical and dental professionals are perhaps not focused on profit, but if you want to offer sustainable, long-term care to your patients, you need to run your practice as a business.

Dental client Stories – Practice Purchase

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In this week’s client story, we share the journey of one of our client’s successful dental practice purchase. If you would like to discuss your practice purchase or start-up plans please contact me on 0432 885 295 or P.S. Whenever you are ready, here are 4 ways I can help you optimise your finances: 1) Grab a free ebook … Read More

Medical Client Stories – Private Practice & Holistic Planning

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I thought it would be useful to share some client stories, so you can witness firsthand the types of outcomes we achieve for our clients. If you have any particular questions or would like to book a complimentary consultation, please contact me on 0432 885 295 or P.S. Whenever you are ready, here are 4 ways I can help … Read More

Private Practice Planning – A New Resource For You

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We have established a new Facebook Medical and Dental Private Practice Group, to share our insights and experience in a protected environment, free from any sales pressures. You will be able to share thoughts, experiences and ideas or ask for feedback in a supportive peer-based environment. We would like to extend an invitation to all doctors and dentists looking to … Read More

Purchasing A Dental Practice – Financial Planning Case Study

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Steve had seen my profile online and came to see me to help him build a property portfolio. He had already invested in two properties, and believed this was the best strategy to build wealth quickly. However, as I have seen with many other clients, this strategy has a lot of flaws. Unfortunately, it is still heavily recommended by prominent … Read More

The Most Important Thing Doctors Should Do With Patients

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The ABC news website published an interesting article for doctors a few weeks ago – read it HERE. The summary of the article is basically this: ‘If you can’t communicate as a doctor, you are not a good doctor’. Of course, having excellent clinical skills and experience is absolutely critical, but patients expect so much more these days, and rightly … Read More

5 Ways In Which We Help Start/Grow Your Private Practice

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In this week’s infographic we wanted to illustrate the various ways in which we help our clients either start or grow their private practice. We have assisted medical specialists, dentists and GP’s, veterinarians and other allied health professionals with their business and personal finances. Why not contact us to discuss your circumstances and goals? We would be happy to offer … Read More