Is Dollar Cost Averaging A Good Idea Now?

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Whilst many people have been actively buying into the share market over the last few months, many others might be waiting for that perfect time. But what if there is no perfect time, and even if there was, it would be difficult to time. What if there was another way that you could get started, but manage the market timing … Read More

Should doctors and dentists be concerned about the recession?

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It’s official, Australia is now in a recession. But should you be concerned? First of all, what does it mean? Well, a recession is a period when an economy is contracting rather than expanding, and is typically characterised by a significant rise in the unemployment rate. People spend less, businesses are firing instead of hiring and economic output falls. Healthcare professionals typically … Read More

Which Funds Perform Better In A Downward Market?

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It’s the age-old debate between active and passive management, but which one performed better during the most recent financial crisis? The conclusion of this US Morningstar article is that: Across the 20 Morningstar Categories examined, 51% of active funds both survived and outperformed their average index during the first half of the year. In other words, an actively managed fund … Read More

Can Young Doctors/Dentists Buy A House And Invest At The Same Time?

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This is a common question we get from young healthcare professionals. Like them, you might have saved up a decent deposit, and your income will only continue to go up once you obtain your Fellowship and a Consultant position. It’s only normal that you want to capitalise on that. Many of our clients look to buy a house of around … Read More

Who Are Our Clients?

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I thought you might find it useful to understand who we work with, and what their reasons are for seeking advice. It is obvious that we work with Medical/dental professionals, but below are some further details: Typically they are aged between 35-49   They have a young family   They want to plan for private school fees and/or university fees … Read More

How The Wealthy Invest Differently At Times Of High Uncertainty

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We are still in very uncertain territory when it comes to the share market. The recovery from the stock market losses was very swift and many people are now pondering their options. It might therefore be interesting to reflect on how High Net Worth investors approach times like this. Some of the research indicates that: HNW investors are more likely … Read More

How Doctors Can More Easily Budget

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Many of our young medical clients want to become better at managing their cash flow, including reducing their expenses. While some try to track this manually by way of a spreadsheet for example, the reality is that you need to automate it as much as possible. There are various platforms such as Myprosperity and MoneySoft that make this exercise much … Read More

5 Habits To Become Financially Secure

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Ever looked at a colleague or friend who has everything together financially and thought ‘what’s their secret?’ Here are five habits you can implement to help achieve financial security. Believe it or not, being secure financially doesn’t involve magic or an outrageous stroke of luck. More often than not, it results from good habits, such as keeping track of your … Read More

Which Name Should Doctors Invest In?

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With so many doctors now looking to invest, one of the first questions to ask yourself is, in which entity or person’s name should we invest? The main issues to consider in that respect are: Tax implications: income and capital gains tax, possible deductions Asset protection: ideally you would not be exposing your investments to risk   So let’s look … Read More

ETFs Or LICs For Doctors?

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These days many doctors ask me whether it is better to invest in ETF’s or LICs. LICs and ETFs are similar in that they allow you to invest in a diverse portfolio of companies in one transaction. Both investment products are very transparent, as you can clearly identify the underlying investment holdings, and the price is quoted on the stock … Read More