What About Inflation?

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You would need to be living under a rock, if you haven’t heard the word ‘inflation’ about 100 times per day in the last couple of weeks. Financial authorities around the world are fighting to keep the rising cost of living under control, all the while the general public is coming to grips with the fact that their dollars are … Read More

The 3 P’s Of Investing

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Uncertainty is an escapable part of investing. However, there are things you can do to give yourself the best chance of making good investment decisions. These include: – having a philosophy to guide your choices, – having a plan for getting to your goals; and – having a process for dealing with the unexpected. Of course, none of this ever … Read More

How An Adviser Can Help You Deal With Complexity

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There is no doubt that our medical and dental clients face many complexities in their daily lives, ranging from: Being self-employed Buying a home and paying down the mortgage in a reasonable timeframe Funding school fees Dealing with ageing parents Divorce and separation Preparing for retirement etc   Yes, a financial adviser provides investment advice, but 90% of the time, … Read More

Super Changes From 1 July 2022

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There are various superannuation changes taking effect from 1 July 2022. Please click on the link to open a simple infographic outlining the upcoming changes. Please contact me if you have any personal questions and how the changes might affect you.

High Volatility/Anxiety

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 Share markets across the globe have exhibited high volatility over the last couple of weeks, leading to negative returns for some indices. Inflation is rearing its head in the US and also Australia (pointing to the prospect of higher interest rates), oil prices are escalating and there is the threat of war in Ukraine  – these have all weighed on … Read More

How to avoid getting fixated on market movements

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Some investors like to play an active role in managing their investment portfolio. You might monitor fluctuations in your portfolio yourself, or in partnership with professional advisers. Keeping track of market movements can be useful, but too much scrutiny can result in panic or knee-jerk reactions, many of which may not prove the most sensible investment moves over the long term. If you … Read More

The Benefits Of Financial Advice

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People who seek out financial advice for the first time often presume it is all about investments. But while building and managing wealth is definitely part of what we offer, the biggest benefits often are felt in intangible areas. From understanding what is truly meaningful to you, to helping you deal with life’s complexities, to providing clarity and delivering peace … Read More

Could interest rates rise sooner than expected?

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In response to the pandemic, central banks around the world flooded the market with liquidity. In Australia, the Reserve Bank did what it could to support job creation and economic recovery, setting the cash rate at an all time low of 0.25 in March 2020, and dropping it even further – to 0.1 – by November of the same year … Read More

What Are Your Money Rules?

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Do you have any particular rules or thoughts around money and finances? It might be a powerful motto that you live by. Here is a list of money rules other people live by: Your Favourite Money Rules.   Personally I believe in the following money rules:   Understand the power of compounding and start investing early   Understand that basically … Read More