Are We There Yet?

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Who would have thought that a little over a year since the global pandemic changed our lives forever, the Australian share market would have surged past its pre-COVID levels to reach record highs? But that’s exactly what has happened. Will the market go much higher? Is now a time to sell? No one really knows for sure. All we do … Read More

Is Your Mind Playing Tricks On You?

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‘Cognitive bias’ has become a bit of an investing buzzword in recent years. The theory is that the human brain makes errors of judgment that can lead us to be emotional, short term and come to other incorrect conclusions. Cognitive bias has been of particular interest to the investing community and a long lists of biases – confirmation bias, anchoring, … Read More

Did You Let Another Financial Year Slip By?

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Time is money and here we are again coming up to the end of the financial year. A perfect time to ask yourself whether you actually made some financial progress this year. Of course, it is much easier to go through the motions, but unfortunately that will not get you very far. You see, it is very unlikely as a … Read More

Timing Your Investments

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As we have seen a meteoric rise in share markets around the world, many people are starting to wonder whether they should continue to invest or perhaps wait for another share market pullback. While everyone’s circumstances are different, it is important to take note of some important investment fundamentals. In this video I explain the concepts of time in the … Read More

How To Reduce Investment Risk (But Not Necessarily Returns)

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Investing always involves a degree of risk. However, not every risk is worth taking, as it may go unrewarded or deliver lower than expected returns. Diversification in general reduces uncompensated risk related to individual shares and sectors. Diversification not only provides portfolio protection, it can also enhance long term returns. The below article explores this concept in more detail. Good … Read More

A Guide To Managing Financial Anxiety

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Finances are one of the biggest sources of stress in Australia. Whether it’s worrying about making ends meet or planning for the future, anxiety around money can be a huge burden and can affect the quality of your work, life and relationships. And trust me, financial stress does not solely affect low income earners. Many high income earners experience financial … Read More

Why You Pay Too Much

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Sure, when people find out you are a doctor or a dentist, they may add a ‘white coat tax’ to your quote, which also happens with certain post codes of course. The assumption is that you must be making good money, so you can afford to pay more! However, more often than not, it is our own psyche or procrastination … Read More

A Reality Check For Your Super

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Most people have no idea about how much they need in super for a comfortable retirement. The below article will give you some insight into what the average person/couple would need for a comfortable retirement. Super article   However, based on my experience in working with doctors and dentists, I believe you will need a lot more than what is … Read More

Time Is Money – Take It Slow

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Many of us feel as if we are running at 100 miles per hour every day. We often feel compelled to make important decisions under pressure. But when it comes to investing (and so many other things in life), the wiser option is to slow down, value our time and exercise patience. I have listed two articles below that look … Read More

Are We In A Share Market Bubble?

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A strong start for equity markets in 2021 has people talking about asset bubbles forming. Some observers point to price-to-earnings ratios at levels last seen during the dotcom era of the late ‘90s. So what’s an investor to do? Some are tempted to time the market—get out for a while and get back in later or put off investing till … Read More